Carmine's has been servicing the greater WNY area for over 20 years, offering tantalizing, tasty Hot-Drop off buffets as well as Full-service on-site catering. Popular with Pharmaceutical reps looking for great food, hassle-free punctual service as well as party-givers eyeing to impress their guests -- Carmine's has a menu to fulfill your needs!   Graduations, Birthdays, Office parties, Cocktail parties, Stags -- or just a gathering of family or friends , we're here to cater to your every need. 

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Our full menu is also available for take-out.

    Our dining rooms can accommodate Banquet parties of up to 70 people.

Our specialty is "Family-Style" meals for Dinner and Luncheon parties.


4715 Transit Road, Buffalo, NY 14221

(716) 472-7188

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On Saturday July 11, 2015 the Carmine’s family suffered a devastating loss. Our hearts are very heavy right now. We are extremely thankful that no one was hurt. Carmine's is more than just a family run restaurant, 
everyone there is family.

We will be back better than ever!!

- Kelly Jacobbi

    As many of you know this past Saturday [July 11, 2015] afternoon our beloved restaurant, Carmine’s, suffered a devastating fire that destroyed the restaurant as we know it. Surreal, unbelievable, heart wrenching …. I don’ know if these words can describe these past 48 hours. We were in the midst of enjoying an awesome and busy Saturday “Taste of Buffalo” afternoon downtown when the news broke. I raced down there to the horrific scene and I knew right away things would never be the same as I watched the fire ravage the building.

    The building which houses Carmine’s has been a family run operation since my father Vito bought the building in 1970. A veteran of WWII, in the late 1940’s he received a GI loan and purchased a liquor store in Buffalo that was successful, but, he was always intrigued by the restaurant business ( his brothers and cousins were in it ! ) and thought he’d take a stab at it. The Charlesgate Restaurant, in a distant suburb called Clarence, on a street called Transit Road, was born in 1970. It became one of the premier supper clubs in WNY, featuring superb dining and live entertainment with a piano bar. With the help of his family – my mother Mary as gracious host and his children (yours truly and my sisters Lisa, Patricia and Marianne and brother Jerry ) taking on various roles the restaurant fulfilled my father’s dream and flourished throughout the 70’s and 80’s. It was a testament to very hard work and some keen hunches on location – the decision to choose Transit at Sheridan was prescient as the Eastern Hills Mall was built in 1971 just a stone’s throw from his new restaurant. This was the beginning of the burgeoning growth on Transit Road that we see today.

    It was in the early 90’s that Dad felt he was ready to retire, we had discussions about what to do next and made the decision to transform the place into an Italian restaurant. The supper club/ lounge era seemed to be waning and being Italian-American and always cooking up Italian dishes and trying to perfect the recipe for the best red sauce in the land, making the switch to an Italian restaurant seemed like a no brainer. The transition was not easy, some trial and error entailed and success did not come overnight. A brief stint as Giacobbi’s proved difficult, the overwhelming success of the Charlesgate’s had customers making nostalgic comparisons and wondering where the piano bar was. More change was needed … and steady perseverance. Named after a Sicilian uncle, Carmine’s Restaurant was born in 1993. Slowly things started picking up and the place started assuming its own identity no longer under the shadow of The Charlesgate. It was Carmine’s now … a casual, family-run Italian restaurant embraced by the community and successful for over 22 years. I could make this into a book – the trials and tribulations of a long history as a family run restaurant – the ups and downs, the long hours, the heartaches, and the colorful clientele made for never a dull moment.
But, really, it begins and ends with family and a staff that feels like your family. Truth be told it wouldn’t have carried on without the help of my Dad in those early years, both financially and in giving me the encouragement and perseverance to go forward. My partner Kelly and two sons Vincent and Alex have gone through so much and given so much through hard work and dedication these past 22 years. The boys have been pretty much been raised in the restaurant business and we all have had some incredible times and fond memories. 

    And to my patrons: The public at large and folks who have supported Carmine’s and given us an opportunity to make a living in this crazy, wonderful profession – you’ve been amazing. They call Buffalo “the city of good neighbors” … I don’t think I realized just how true this is until this weekend at the Taste of Buffalo, it seemed like every other person there was coming over to our tent and giving us their support and encouragement and praying for us to get back open soon. I can’t say enough about the Taste of Buffalo event staff and all the help and privileges they provided me this week end, they bent over backward supporting me during this difficult time. We ARE the city of good neighbors and sometimes you don’t realize such things until something like this happens and you become touched by the overwhelming support you receive from our community. 

    And to my staff: I really can’t say enough about how amazing you guys are. We would not have gotten as far as we did without a good team and we’ve been lucky enough over the years to have a staff that, as my Dad would say, “You want in your foxhole”. Trustworthy, dedicated, reliable and unfazed. Special thanks these past few years and weeks to Chef Tim and his bothers- The Wichers, sous chef Joey Montemage, Scotty “the Rock” Haney, Angela, Mark, Jesse “J-dog”, Alecia, Chris & the Tripi family, Julie, Jordan, Brandon, Dawn, my take-out girls, bussers and dishers and many, many others who have worked for us over the years and helped Carmine’s be what it is today. You guys ROCK!

    I feel like I’ve been writing a memorial which I guess makes some sense, really I am not, it is my hope and belief that Carmine’s will rise through the ashes and in some way, shape or form come back stronger than ever. The restaurant business - It’s in the Jacobbi family DNA.

EVERYONE – thank you for your support !!

                                                                Michael Jacobbi

Carmine's Update:

First of all, thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of kindness that we have received during this trying time.  We have received many inquiries regarding our status after the fire and your concerns have not gone unnoticed.

As we began 2016, we were hopeful that we would have better news to share in regards to any update of Carmine’s reopening, or at the very least to reopen our catering portion of the business.

We were assured that our insurance company would be fair and equitable in processing our claim in a timely manner so that we would be able to begin the rebuilding process as quickly as possible.  Sadly, we have been misguided with that assurance as we have yet to hear back from our local insurance company, Erie Niagara.

We continue to wait for the evaluation/investigation of the fire to be completed by Erie Niagara.  Since this delay has caused us great hardship, we have elected to hire lawyers to assist us in taking legal action against Erie Niagara. 

The Town of Clarence and the Sheriff’s fire investigators concluded that the fire was accidental.  Needless to say, we have not been compensated for our loss or given an installment sufficient to make plans to reopen. 

In light of this heartbreaking reality, we are choosing to remain positive even though it is extremely frustrating.  We have been told not to take the delay personally, that the cliche of always "paying premiums on time and then when it comes to insurance paying out- they are slow or not at all,” doesn't really hold up, but it is difficult to not feel that way.

Every day that Carmine's is not in business, we feel that we are losing more of our valued customers and our good reputation that we worked so hard for is being marred. 

While our future seems to be uncertain at the moment we would like to reopen as soon as possible and when we do we will honor our gift certificates.  Unfortunately, we seem to be at the mercy of the insurance company to process our claim in order to resolve our previous obligations.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this most difficult time. 

Michael, Kelly & Alex Jacobbi

February 24, 2016